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Verify Humanity is a compassionate conservation organisation. We don't support intrusive, violent or lethal conservation methods. Instead, we seek to protect all animals by promoting the use of natural solutions to wildlife issues.


Verify Humanity research wildlife issues, create educational content about the challenges wildlife faces, and campaign for compassionate conservation solutions to be employed.


We're also redefining human-animal relationships. Our content breaks speciesist views and empowers people to care for wildlife through compassionate actions like choosing sustainable products, advocating for hunting bans, or planting wildflowers.


You don't need to be highly skilled to make a difference with us. We value enthusiasm and love for animals above all else. If none of the listed roles are suitable for you let's get our heads together and personalise one for you. Email us here.

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As a volunteer, you'll not only have the chance to contribute to a cause you love, but to also benefit personally and professionally from the experience. 

Make a difference

At Verify Humanity, your time and effort will help to raise awareness, fuel change and contribute to a more compassionate society. 

Learn & grow

Verify Humanity offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and learning. You'll gain valuable knowledge about animal welfare issues, conservation efforts, and strategies for effecting change. You'll also gain technical skills and experience in areas such as marketing, managing, designing, research or writing. These skills can be applied not just within the organisation but also in your personal and professional life.

Join a community

By becoming a volunteer, you'll be welcomed into a passionate and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your love for animals. The friendships and connections you make can be lifelong and incredibly rewarding.


It has been a great pleasure working with Kate and the team from Verify Humanity over the last 6 months. I was new to the UK from South Africa and needed a gentle landing place, where I could feel needed, appreciated, and supported. The team at Verify Humanity works tirelessly to defend those with no voice, and it was a pleasure being part of something so much bigger than myself. Kate and her team are passionate, kind, compassionate, and competent individuals who care about the world we live in. Such a voice is laudable, and should never be quietened. Verify Humanity will always have my heart and my support through all of their inspiring work. I will always feel part of the team, and recommend anyone spend some time within the organisation to really feel part of something so worthwhile. My greatest thanks go to the whole team for this opportunity.

Vanessa Randon - Specialised Trainer


1. Choose a role either from our job board,  LinkedIN or other adverts

2. Email your CV to us and organise a welcome meeting

3. Fill in the Application Form and upload proof of your right to work in the UK

4. Do online Essential Training

5. Do online Specialised Training (if necessary)

6.  Meeting to sign off your Essential Training  + give you your email address

7.  Meet Volunteer Buddy and complete your volunteer buddy task

8.  Start at Verify Humanity!

  • When Do I Work?
    If you are a part-time volunteer we are aware that you are probably helping us on top of your already busy life. We have noted the days that you prefer to work from your application form but it is completely up to you when you work during the week. However, it is helpful if you can log into your email address very regularly to avoid emails going unanswered. We ideally prefer a 24-hour turn around for emails.
  • What If I Want to Change Roles?
    We believe volunteering should bring benefits to both parties. We are very keen to help Volunteers progress by changing roles. This allows you to gain insights into different job roles, and bolster your C.V. We would however encourage a minimum of 6 months doing one role to get the most out of it. We would then time it so that you switch roles once the project you are on is complete and we have found someone to replace you. If, however, you want to increase the number of hours you are volunteering, we would happily get you working on a second project or a different role in tandem with your original role.
  • How long do I work?
    This may fluctuate depending on what is going on in your life but it helps to keep momentum and enthusiasm going if you commit to a minimum number of hours each week. We try to agree what hours you feel comfortable committing during your induction stage and we encourage you to think carefully about this. We don’t want you overcommitting and feeling stressed that you cannot fit everything in or disappointed that you have failed to do something. We really want you to enjoy your time with Verify Humanity. If you have a visa that only allows a certain amount of volunteering, it is of course your responsibility to ensure that you do not go over those hours. Please keep us informed on a regular basis of your hours so we can help you do this. You may of course just be volunteering for a one-off project. eg: writing an article or doing some art work for some publicity.


Verify Humanity strives to bring kindness back to conservation. Join us!

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