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When we stand together, our message is louder. 

Verify Humanity are proud to collaborate with other animal advocacy organisations. We believe working together is the best way to resolve issues of animal exploitation.


Sustainable Palm Oil:

Palm oil production has devastating consequences for 193 IUCN Red List animals and their habitats. That's why 96 conservation organisations, including Verify Humanity, are working towards making it easier for customers for choose sustainable palm oil. Together, we are raising public awareness, making it easier for consumers to spot Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) products, and making it more difficult for producers to hide their method of palm oil production. 

Sustainable Palm Oil
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Catholic Concern
Kate Fox at Animals Asia_edited.jpg

Boo the Bear & Catholic Concern For Animals:

At the heart of Verify Humanity’s animal advocacy activities is the Free Boo the Bear project, which has achieved world-wide attention from compassionate individuals and organisations. One of which, is Catholic Concern for Animals who allowed us to publish an article in their online magazine. This collaboration helped to garner attention and support for the bears. We are so grateful for their support. 

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Are you interested in collaborating with us?

We're always looking for ways we can help animals. 

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