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Verify Humanity is a compassionate conservation organisation. We seek to protect all animals by raising public awareness about the challenges wildlife faces, and campaigning for natural solutions instead of lethal measures. We don't believe in speciesism and one of our main goals is to break down this damaging mindset through educational content. 

VISION: End Speciesism, Champion Compassion.

The Verify Humanity Vision is "End Speciesism, Champion Compassion". In the future, we see a world where all animals are free to live without exploitation, regardless of their species. The damaging hierarchical lens, which currently allows some animals to live while others are killed, doesn't exist anymore. As a result, nature is abundant, wildlife is diverse and animals no longer suffer at the hands of humans. 

In the future, 'compassion' is woven into every aspect of life. The relationship between humans and animals is one of kindness and understanding, allowing us to peacefully coexist. Individuals, communities, businesses and governments want to look after wildlife by prioritising its protection. They make decisions with animals well-being in mind, they don't cull, poison, or hunt and they don't destroy habitats. 

MISSION: Verify Humanity strives to bring kindness back to conservation. As Compassionate Conservationists, we seek to protect and promote the well-being of all individual animals whilst combatting the neglected or misunderstood issues that threaten the conservation of wildlife.

Verify Humanity don't view animals through a hierarchical lens, we see the intrinsic value in all animals, from snails to deer - we love them all. That's one of the reasons why we don't believe in culling animals, or using violent conservation methods. Instead, we advocate for natural solutions that promote life and a natural balance, while providing all animals with the opportunity to live peacefully. 


An important role of compassionate conservationists is researching wildlife issues to uncover the truth of the situation. Sadly, wildlife issues are often misrepresented or misunderstood which results in animals being killed. The efficacy of lethal measures is often over-stated in order to justify the decision, or due to poor data collection methods. Additionally, human-impact tends to be understated or omitted all-together within traditional conservation research.

Verify Humanity have dedicated research teams who work hard to get the bottom of issues like these, so we can share factual information about conservation efforts with you and the policy makers. This helps to guide more compassionate, effective conservation methods. In a world where culling, 'humane slaughter' and killing 'softly' are becoming a normal conservation tool, we are working to restore conservation to its compassionate roots.


We believe the key to creating real change is uniting everyone who cares about animals - be they vegans, conservationists, activists or just animal lovers - under common goals, because when we stand together our message is louder. That's why, aside from our work with businesses and governments, we also involve individuals in conservation, empowering them to make compassionate decisions for animals, from their garden to their food shopping. 



Born from one woman's compassion for animals, Verify Humanity was established in 2020 in response to the founder's encounter with the illegal wildlife trade. While working as a conservation photographer and writer, Kate Fox was unable to turn a blind eye to the suffering of 13 bears being farmed for bile in Veitnam. 

Kate conducted an uncover investigation to collect evidence, relentlessly campaigned, and took part in a dangerous rescue mission. Today, her organisation continues to work towards the release of the remaining 10 bears, and has now expanded its campaigns to help other exploited animals. 

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