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The Founder's Story

"My somewhat feral upbringing on a pedigree dairy farm in the UK shaped my knowledge, love of the natural world and a desire to change how people see and interact with animals. 

I had a shamelessly Gerald Durrell childhood with hamsters in the doll's house, rabbits in the pram and newts in the basin.  This unconventional life meant I have never been burdened by modern-day thinking that sees animals as slimy, creepy or disgusting.  


Although my endless parade of pets and rescued animals were tolerated, my childhood efforts to turn vegetarian were greeted with dismay and embarrassment.

Without the encouragement and support to explore more suitable careers with animals,  I gravitated to the familiar and went into organic grass-based dairy farming with my husband.

While I loved looking after and spending time with the cows, I somehow managed to square away the horrors of sending male calves away to be reared for slaughter.  Instead, choosing to be absent when they were collected and accept that the system was unchangeable.

I now look back on what my daughter would call "wilful ignorance" with a mix of shame but also understanding. It is so easy for all of us to look the other way and shape our lives through the lens of previous generations.

However, my own weakness and failings have created understanding for those finding their way in a world where animal exploitation is the norm. 


Many years down the line I am now a vegan.  It has been a long journey filled with family disapproval and personal judgement but I'm finally where I want to be."

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