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Free Boo the Bear and Friends

Starved, deprived of water and kept alive with antibiotics.  Boo the Bear and friends were discovered during an undercover bear bile investigation.  Trafficked as 1kg cubs from Laos to Vietnam, breaking both international CITES and national legislation. 
Please help Verify Humanity ensure their safe release to a local sanctuary and sign our petition.

Steve Howe - Yearly Animal Fundraising at Schools

Annual School Fundraising for Animals...

"Taking a responsibility for the animals around our planet should start at school. We learn about them in school, right from being in nursery!  An animal fundraising day in school will show that we care. They deserve a day!" 


Bailey (age 10)

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Help End Hare Coursing in Ireland

A bloodsport where dogs chase hares for human entertainment.

"Over 4,500 wild hares are captured every year by the Coursing Clubs during the netting process.  This is when traumatised hares are herded into nets by gangs of yelling people and later put into boxes and transported to the clubs where they are held captive for as long as 141 days."

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Petition Against Building Intensive Poultry Unit

"An IPU (intensive poultry unit) is a large industrial complex and this one will contain 64,000 egg-laying hens in two massive sheds with supporting buildings and new roads."

"Developments on this huge scale have a massive impact on the environment, increasing levels of ammonia and micro-particulates, altering water courses and ground water levels, causing light pollution, noise from fans etc. and odour."