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Retain bans on cat, dog, seal fur imports, and extend to ban all fur imports

Please sign this petition to ask the Government to maintain the ban on cat, dog, and seal fur imports, but also expand legislation to prohibit fur imports and sales from all species. 

llegal Back Room Bear.jpg

Free Boo the Bear and Friends

Starved, deprived of water and kept alive with antibiotics.  Boo the Bear and friends were discovered during an undercover bear bile investigation.  Trafficked as 1kg cubs from Laos to Vietnam, breaking both international CITES and national legislation. 
Please help Verify Humanity ensure their safe release to a local sanctuary and sign our petition.

Steve Howe - Yearly Animal Fundraising at Schools

Annual School Fundraising for Animals...

"Taking a responsibility for the animals around our planet should start at school. We learn about them in school, right from being in nursery!  An animal fundraising day in school will show that we care. They deserve a day!" 

by Bailey (age 10)

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Help End Hare Coursing in Ireland

A bloodsport where dogs chase hares for human entertainment.

"Over 4,500 wild hares are captured every year by the Coursing Clubs during the netting process.  This is when traumatised hares are herded into nets by gangs of yelling people and later put into boxes and transported to the clubs where they are held captive for as long as 141 days."

Petition for a European Law Banning Octopus Breeding for Farms

If you've seen Netflix's documentary "My Octopus Teacher," you will be horrified to hear that the Spanish company Nueva Pescanova is planning to open the first commercial octopus factory farm.

"In a world with so many food choices, commercially farming wildlife is undoubtedly unnecessary, but it is also fraught with knowledge gaps that can lead to untold cruelty." 


A European Law banning octopus breeding for farms will also help prevent imports into the UK.   With the UK Government's recent amendment to include octopus in The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill it would be a travesty to see them then joining the other factory farmed animals on our supermarket shelves.

With octopus eating 3x their weight in seafood, it is also an inefficient form of protein that further threatens an already stressed marine ecosystem.

Whether you want to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals or just love octopus, please sign this petition to protect these magnificent animals.


Suspend Trade with
Faroe Islands until
Whale & Dolphin

An entire super pod of Atlantic White-sided dolphins were chased for 45km before all 1,428 were massacred at the Danish Faroe Islands annual hunt leaving people horrified and shocked.  Please sign this petition and exert pressure on governments to end this barbaric "tradition."

Petition to End the Importing of Kangaroo Flesh and Body Parts to the EU

Did you know that kangaroos are killed in the wild and their meat is shipped to the EU for human consumption?  

"Kangaroos have been found,  with blown-apart jaws from mis-shooting, but survived to endure a long and painful death from starvation.  'In pouch' joeys of shot mothers are either decapitated (if very small) or killed with a blow to the head. Quite often dependent 'at foot' joeys escape, and suddenly face a life alone, often falling victim to predators, exposure or starvation."

We support the Coalition for Australian Wildlife's petition to ask the EU to stop importing kangaroo meat.  Please take a moment to help protect these beautiful animals.


Call on the Spanish Government: Stop Mink Fur Farms Today!

"Mink fur is commonly used for fake eyelashes and sometimes these products claim to be cruelty-free, even though they are not.  Fur is used in many things from jackets to clothing accessories. The EU is responsible for 63% of mink production and 70% of fox fur production worldwide."

17 countries have committed to banning or phasing out fur farming in the last two decades including the UK.  This petition calls on the Spanish Government to
stop mink fur farming.

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