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Did you know you can directly shape legislation to safeguard animals from cruelty and exploitation?

By design or by chance, most individuals don't realise the influence they can have on policies, laws and practices. 

Consultations are the governments way of asking you what you think about a given proposal. The government then use this information to make decisions about new laws and policies. 

Verify Humanity is trying to make it easier for individuals to have their say in consultations by raising awareness and, when possible, supplying some pointers to get you started with your response. 

Wildlife desperately needs compassionate people to advocate for it on a political level. If you have any suggestions for consultations you'd like to see here, please email us.

Image by Robert Horobin

The Government are seeking your opinion on whether they should make food labelling clearer. They are proposing a tiered labelling system being implemented to imported and domestic pork, chicken and eggs. The label would provide information on the method of production and whether the product meets or falls below relevant UK welfare regulations. 

Verify Humanity are concerned that this labelling system won't make enough information compulsory. For example, will game meat suppliers be forced to disclose whether the bird was killed using lead shot? Led shot is not only very harmful to human health but also has terrible environmental consequences - killing many birds in the vicinity of the hunt due to poisoning


Natural England is looking to approve applications for supplementary licences to cull badgers. Tell Natural England how badger culling will negatively impact your business, livelihood or daily activities. 

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The Government are seeking opinions on whether we (you) think any of the the following animals should be explicitly protected under the Ivory Act:

  • Common Hippopotamus 

  • Killer Whale

  • Narwhal

  • Sperm whale

  • Walrus

  • Common warthog

  • Desert warthog

  • Mammoth

Unfortunately it seems that the warthog isn't being well advocated for and needs help from compassionate people to get it on the list of protected species under the Ivory Act​. We've put some pointers together to help you get started on response. 

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
Image by Naja Bertolt Jensen


The Government want your opinion on whether they should ban the manufacture, supply and sale of wet wipes containing plastic.We've put together some information to help you write your response. 

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