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Prevent Badger Culling (Closes 5th March)

Tell Natural England How Badger Culling will Negatively Impact Your Business, Livelihood or Daily Activities. 

Badger culling is cruel, terrible for biodiversity, costly and not efficacious in controlling disease. Despite this, Natural England is looking to approve applications for supplementary licences to cull badgers. 

This opportunity to comment (OTC) government consultation allows the public to raise potential impacts a cull may have on their business, livelihood or daily activity. Natural England must then review and take these responses into account. 

Unfortunately, this consultation cannot be used to directly plea for the badger's lives, or even state how ineffective killing badgers is. Responses must be concerning negative impacts on businesses, livelihoods and daily activities. 

What if I just don't agree with killing badgers? 

The consultation does seem deliberately very specific and by their own admission to date the Government haven't found any badger culls to "have had a negative impact on local tourism or business".

  • If you don't have a business/livelihood/daily activity based objection, you can still contact the relevant authority, Defra. You can write to them directly: 

  • You can also contact your local MP to share your views on badger culling

  • Join your local badger group and support your local Hunt Sab group.

Consultation Responses 

This section will be updated when the consultation responses become publicly available. 


Fingers crossed! We will update this section when the Government releases the outcome of the consultation. 

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