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At the heart of Verify Humanity’s animal advocacy activities is the Free Boo the Bear project, which has achieved world-wide attention from compassionate individuals and organisations. This project seeks to rescue 13 bears from 2 farms in Vietnam, who we've identified as being illegally farmed for bile. So far Lulu, Lac and Lili have been rescued and taken to a Four Paws Bear sanctuary, but the other 10 bears are still waiting for the local Nghe An Authorities to uphold the law and take action. 

Despite the obstacles, we are spreading awareness about the cruelty of bile farming, reaching out to the public and sharing the bear's heartbreaking stories. In an undercover operation our founder, Kate Fox, captured video evidence exposing the illegal activities of these farms. Kate has also made a short film about the bears called 'lawless lands' to help increase awareness and publicity for the bears. We've also started a petition, gathering signatures and support from people worldwide. Additionally, we've been meeting with MPs to keep the momentum going and push for the rescue of the 10 remaining bears.

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Did you know that the UK egg industry kills 40 million day-old male chicks every year?  All commercial egg systems do this: not just laying cage systems but barn reared, organic and even free-range egg units.

But did you know that none of this is necessary?  Commercially viable egg-sexing technology is common practice in Europe but UK farmers choose not to use it to save money. 

Verify Humanity's egg sex-tech project is helping put an end to this cruelty. Our team have worked tirelessly to bring attention to this atrocity, and it's simple solution, both on an individual and governmental level. 
In January, The Animal Welfare Committee's (AWC) Report on alternatives to male chick culling was released. The AWC is in favour of banning the practice, even stating that “The lives of all chicks and turkey poults have intrinsic value”.



Wildlife is struggling to live along side us. From habitat destruction to road traffic, we're rapidly changing the world around animals. What's more, current conservation method aimed at resolving human-wildlife conflict are often create more issues because they are invasive, violent or lethal. 

Verify Humanity's human-wildlife conflict project is a research project. By learning about human-animal conflict we are uncovering wildlife issues. Using compassionate conservation techniques, we will find solutions to these problems. Please help our research by taking the survey.

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