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Verify Humanity's Story

Compassion in Conservation

The founder's work as a conservation photographer and writer has been rewarding but also unearthed growing contradictions within the industry.

Conservationists are fighting everything from rhinos being poached for Traditional Asian Medicine, to burgers from unsustainable cattle ranching in the Amazon and wildlife fur farms supplying throwaway trinkets.

While society grapples with the realisation that humanity is to blame for the Sixth Mass Extinction, modern-day conservationists are employing solutions such as large-scale "conservation culling", blind to the irony that this is driven by the same lack of compassion and speciesism as the problems.


Boo the Bear and Friends (Nghe An 13)

One case, in particular, has also contributed to the founding of Verify Humanity.  Working undercover in Vietnam on the wildlife trade, the founder discovered two illegal bile farms. 

This case highlighted two things. 


Operating as an unbiased observer when animals needed saving was never going to be an option for the founder, Kate Fox.

Secondly, the media's passion for all things new does not help long drawn out animal welfare cases such as the Boo the Bear.  While 3 bears have been rescued, the fight continues for the remaining bears some years later.


While COVID-19 has undoubtedly created global chaos it has also been a positive force for change.

With the early spread of the virus traced to a wildlife wet market in Wuhan, it has shone a light on how we interact and exploit animals, bringing the issue into the public realm.

Likewise, the enforced lockdown has allowed time for reflection and change. It was during this period that the experiences and passion of one driven individual led to the creation of Verify Humanity, an animal advocacy organisation.  







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