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Creating a more compassionate world

We believe every individual matters

Our Vision & Mission

Imagine a world where every living being is recognised as a unique individual, deserving of compassion and respect.
That's the world we are striving to create.

Our mission is to end speciesism and promote harmony between humans and animals. By raising awareness, advocating for animals and encouraging compassionate choices, we are working towards a future where all species can live free from discrimination and exploitation. 

'Speciesism' is the human-held belief that certain species have more value than others.

1. Research

Through credible research we unearth hidden issues impacting our wildlife and animals

2. Education

 Our campaigns aim to raise public awareness about the challenges animals are facing

3. Action

 By using our digital platforms as a catalyst for change, we empower people to make a difference for animals

Discover Our Projects

Together, we can rewrite the story for animals.
Take a look at our projects to learn about the issues animals face, and how you can make a difference. 

Feeling inspired to make a difference?
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We represent the hidden, the unrepresented, the oppressed and the disadvantaged. In short, we champion the underdog. And this is often because no-one else will. From Boo the Bear held captive in Vietnam to millions of day-old male chicks culled in the egg industry or fighting to protect wild octopus from the first ever factory farm. They might be unheard of, unpopular or even go against present day public opinion but sometimes that is why they need our support.

Kate Fox, Founder of Verify Humanity 

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