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Verify Humanity is working towards a world where speciesism no longer exists by researching, challenging conventions and raising awareness.


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As a young animal advocacy organisation, every penny of your donation will have a big impact.  Explore our opening projects below and when you support us, we will keep you personally updated!

Photo of Caged Chickens by Artem Beliaikin
Photo by Kate Fox - Vietnam's Illegal Bear Bile Farms

Latest News

Verify Humanity Welcomes Head of Campaign Research

We would like to give a big warm welcome to Sarah Grearson who has joined our team. 


She has taken on the role of Head Researcher for our important upcoming Egg Sex Tech campaign in 2021.


With a Masters in Languages and Project Management and experience working with animals, data and teaching, she will bring a diverse and strong skill set to this important role.  Greatly looking forward to our time together.

Verify Humanity Reveals Logo

Somewhere between creating campaigns, designing websites and organising volunteers we finally have a logo that will represent our non-profit organisation. And we could not be more excited!

As a new organisation, we rely on the kindness of others for everything.  Rebecca Benson, an incredibly talented animal artist, stepped up to the mark.  Endlessly patient with requests for longer ears, bigger eyes and a unique hand designed font.

Thank you Bex for this outstanding logo. Below is a link to her website if you want to see just how skilled she is!

VH Transparent Logo Resized.png

Will Screening at International Film Festival Free Boo the Bear?

As organisation kick-offs go, I'm not sure Verify Humanity could have asked for a better one! Lawless Lands has been chosen to be screened at the International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF) 2020.

We are insanely excited, somewhat humbled and ever so slightly hopeful for Boo the Bear and his friends who are still waiting to be rescued.

Feel free to have a look at Lawless Land's trailer on the IVFF website.

Free Boo The Bear - Sign His Petition

Project Co-Existence

Project Co-existence is underway!  This light hearted 3 month photographic project seeks to shift deeply engrained values that allow us to love some animals as family members while ruthlessly exploiting others.

Project Co-Existence will photograph people who have strong bonds with unusual animals to prove that it's not just cats and dogs that are lovable!

A big thank you to Millie and her ferrets Floki and Titch.

Millie and Loki
Millie and Titch
Millie and Loki
Millie and Loki
Milli and Loki
Millie and Loki
Millie and Titch
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