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Summary of the volunteer role

We are a growing organisation and need someone to help create content for our Essential Training and Specialised Training documents.  This would cover a broad range of topics so we are not looking for an expert.  While the majority of content will come from Instruction Manuals created by volunteers, it would require a level of research, meeting with volunteers for their insights and the ability to take on the initiative.

Being a fully volunteer-led organisation, the Volunteer Content Creator holds a very prestigious place within the organisation. They work at the hub of the organisation ensuring a smooth journey for new volunteers.  They get to know all the volunteers, campaigns and take on a highly valued and trusted role at the very heart of Verify Humanity.

It is a part-time and flexible role.

Work is remote and while we welcome everyone, they must have the legal right to work in the United Kingdom.

What will the volunteer role involve?

  • Interview existing volunteers for insights into a training role

  • Research the topic you are creating content for.

  • Take the initiative when creating content.

  • Present learning materials in a way that engages all styles of learning.

  • Create Specialised and Essential Training Documents using Canva. (training can be given)

  • Record and manage the Volunteer Training Document Tracker

  • Help design quizzes for each role

Essential Skills

  • Organised

  • Reliable

  • Enthusiastic

  • Artistic

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Sensitivity to different volunteers’ learning needs.

Useful Experience

  • Canva

Personal Attributes 

  • Enthusiastic

  • Committed

  • Organised

  • Reliable

Other Requirements

  • Computer and good internet connection.

  • Weekly online meeting to discuss ideas, progress and plan work.

Why Volunteer?

Want to open up your life possibilities, improve your CV and make a difference to the world? Why not volunteer for a UK-based animal advocacy organisation, learn some new skills and meet like-minded people?

Who is Verify Humanity?

Verify Humanity is a small, friendly non-profit organisation based in the UK. It was established in 2020 by Conservation Photographer and Writer - Kate Fox.

We are a Compassionate Conservation animal advocacy organisation. Our vision is to create a world where speciesism and human-animal conflict no longer exist by raising awareness through research and challenging conventions through the media and campaigns.

In a world where conservation culling, pest control, humane slaughter, and entertainment killing are becoming our default setting, Verify Humanity advocates compassionate conservation, peaceful co-existence and veganism as solutions that promote life, a natural balance and a new way of engaging with our fellow creatures.

Our major campaigns include:

To apply please email us and include a copy of your CV. 


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