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Why Should I Volunteer?

Why Volunteer for Verify Humanity?

If you care about animals, Verify Humanity is the place to come.  Our belief in animal advocacy without limitations means we don't differentiate between pets, wild or domesticated farm animals. 

The result?  Whether your driving passion is conservation, animal rights or animal welfare, we cover them all through campaigns on farming, illegal wildlife farming and the illegal wildlife trade. 

  See Free Boo the Bile Bear and Friends in Vietnam or Egg Sex Tech that fights the killing of day old male chicks in the egg industry and upbeat educational programmes that teach compassion and co-existence between humans and non-human animals. 


Broaden Your Horizons

Volunteering is an opportunity to improve and learn,  giving your C.V. an edge that will open up your world to new possibilities.


Friendship & Belonging

 Volunteering allows you to bypass a digital world of likes and shares to connect with people over issues that matter and create a sense of belonging.

vadim-fomenok-1zfWXUXkfkA-unsplash Resiz

Need a Fresh Start?

Ever felt like your life was in a rut?  We thrive on change and challenges so why not do one that gives back to the world and makes you feel good about yourself?

Sarah Grearson 1.jpg

      I am very happy that things in my life are starting to go in a direction that inspires me. 


Sarah Grearson       Campaign Researcher

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