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Vegan Vision

Vegan Vision is an ongoing wave of projects from short films, vegan networks, and research questionnaires. The objective is to discover, understand and break down the barriers that prevent people from choosing compassion, health and environmental responsibility.   


Few vegans are born vegans.  So while we believe this is the most effective way to protect the largest number of animals from cruelty, we also believe in welcoming every effort.  After all, going vegan rarely happens overnight.

We don't ever shame people for their past choices.  We would love to hear your story!  

Don't think you could ever turn vegan?  Read the Founder's Story.

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Turning vegan is about challenging the system at a microscopic level.  Everything from what you eat, wear and do.  With animal exploitation so deeply ingrained in our business supply chains, it can be tricky.  We are here to help in that process.  

Help us understand the barriers to protecting animals.  Take this questionnaire.

Watch Lawless Lands.  Our undercover investigation into Vietnam's bear bile trade for Traditional Asian Medicine. 

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