Learning By Our Mistakes

Mistakes in modern-day culture are often seen as shameful and are therefore hidden away.  Yet we all make mistakes and we all learn from them. 


We therefore want to challenge this convention and create an online document of what problems Verify Humanity have encountered and how we have learned from them.

DATE                 PROBLEM                                          SOLUTION

Sep 2020        To recruit volunteers we had a low            We researched what attracted people to                                   pressure approach as we realised             volunteering but also what barriers existed.                              there are many barriers that might           This helped develop an evidence-based

                       put people off. This worked with              understanding of how to recruit and

                       some volunteers but not others.               keep volunteers.


Nov 2020      We connected with many Facebook          We created a document of our 150 Facebook

                    groups in order to share VH posts.            Groups, putting them into categories and 

                    It was impossible to keep track of             listing their rules and objectives.  It can be

                    their objectives and rules when post-        used as a point of reference when sharing

                    ing, leading to a few disgruntled               posts to these groups.  There have been no

                    comments about our posts from                negative comments since using this system.

                    members of these groups.                         


Jan 2021      We lost track of potential, live and           We have created a colour coded spread- 

                    completed volunteer jobs over the           sheet to detail potential, live and                                        Christmas holidays which meant               completed jobs.  This is keeping our 

                    tracing multiple communication               work-flow highly organised and efficient 

                    sources to get back on top of it.              with no jobs getting overlooked.


Feb 2021     The available work force is not                  A re-evaluation of our priorities has led to

                   keeping pace with the growing                 a focus on bringing in volunteers. The book

                   work-load, putting enormous                    entitled '365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining

                   pressure on the shoulders of a                  Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers'

                   few.                                                            has been pivotal for improving our skills in

                                                                                    this area.  

                                                                                     We now have a dedicated volunteer section

                                                                                     on our website and a welcome flow-chart

                                                                                     process that includes a personal phone                                                                                               call from our founder, application forms,                                                                                             contracts, policies and a detailed induction

                                                                                     for all new volunteers.


Mar 2021                                                                       A small highly successful World Wildlife Day                                                                                       campaign targeting volunteers led to VH 

                                                                                     finding a Volunteer Manager who will be  

                                                                                     responsible for recruiting, training and

                                                                                     managing all future volunteers.