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Animal Advocacy Without Limitations

Mission Statement

Verify Humanity is working towards a world where speciesism no longer exists by raising awareness through investigating, researching and challenging conventions.

Help Fund New Projects

As a young animal advocacy organisation, every penny of your donation will have a big impact.  Explore our opening projects below and when you support us, we will keep you personally updated!

Latest News

We are releasing a brand new platform where animal advocates share their insights and experiences to bring both the wonder and plight of the Animal Kingdom to your home in enchanting stories.


Spotlight articles shed light on little known topics or perspectives that influence animals and the environment.  The aim - to reveal and help the unrepresented, the oppressed, the disadvantaged or those overlooked and in need of help.


We will also have a wonderful collection of  personal insights into the lives of those working to protect animals in

broad range of professions. 

The Ark

Read our latest article in The Ark and find out why political sensitivities in Vietnam make Boo and his friends the #UntouchableBears and how animal loving Catholics may hold the key to their liberty.

International Moon Bear Day
August 8th

The Founder's undercover investigation into bear bile farming in Vietnam underpinned the rescue of 3 Moon Bears in Vietnam.  Lili, Luc and Lulu now reside at Four Paws Ninh Binh sanctuary, living a life of fresh air, contact with their own kind and food and water on tap.  A dream come true.

Despite opposition from every angle, Verify Humanity have continued to champion the remaining 9 bears on the two farms.  Written off by everyone, we continue to support these underdogs when no-one else will. 


We are set to have a pivotal article published in the Ark which will raise awareness of the political sensitivities that have allowed these 'Untouchable Bears' to remain captive and beyond the reach of law.

So let's celebrate these wonderful animals on International Moon Bear Day in an attempt to shine a light on bears like Boo who continue to remain captive.


There aren't many causes where conservationists, animal rights, animal welfare and vegans join arms but this is one of them.

Octopus Article in Oceanographic 
Is This The Future We Want or Need?
by Kate Fox - Founder

"If the Netflix Documentary My Octopus Teacher taught us one thing it is that octopus are incredibly complex, intelligent and sentient beings.  Despite this, Gran Canaria is planning to open the world's first commercial octopus farm."

The octopus is balanced on a precipice of commercial scale cruelty from which they are unlikely to return unless animal lovers the world over step up and be counted. 


The Founder's recent article in the prestigious Oceanographic Magazine, sets out an ethical argument for farming such intelligent, sensitive and naturally solitary animals as well as a conservation one. 


Fox highlights that "farming carnivores to supply human food is logically bereft as it’s inefficient and threatens biodiversity, food security and food equality."

Screenshot 2022-08-08 at 16.16.47.png

Tea with Kate

Do you want to volunteer for an organisation where you have the opportunity to connect regularly with the Founder in private 1-1 sessions?  Tea with Kate is our Founder's way of showing you we really have an "open door policy."     

Tea with Kate.png

Verify Humanity Collaborates to Achieve Sustainable Palm Oil 

When ingredients such as palm oil are hidden in 50% of our supermarket products, it is difficult for consumers to know what contains sustainable, deforestation-free palm oil and easy for producers to shirk responsibility.


96 conservation organisations, including Verify Humanity, are working towards making it easier for customers to choose and more difficult for producers to hide. 

Want to know which companies are leading the way in protecting the rainforests and beautiful wildlife?

More About Palm Oil

Concept Chamber Starts

How do we create new ideas that shift deeply engrained problems?

Getting some of our brightest minds together to discuss these topics is now a regular thing at Verify Humanity.

Four people, two topics one hour.  Got a bright and inquiring mind and want to join?

Get in touch here.

Verify Humanity Joins Wiltshire Climate Alliance

Verify Humanity has joined forces with Wiltshire Climate Alliance, an umbrella organisation that brings together different groups with shared values.  Campaigning to raise awareness and action on climate change and the environment.


You might be wondering what animal advocacy has to do with climate change?  While there is a growing understanding of the unacceptable cruelty associated with factory farming, less well-known is that livestock supply chains are responsible for a massive 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.

With our campaigns specialising in the illegal wildlife trade, illegal wildlife farming and factory farming, we hope to bring a relevant but fresh angle to the Wiltshire Climate Alliance network.

Verify Humanity Reveals Logo

VH Transparent Logo Resized.png

Somewhere between creating campaigns, designing websites and organising volunteers we finally have a logo that will represent our non-profit organisation. And we could not be more excited!

As a new organisation, we rely on the kindness of others for everything.  Rebecca Benson is an incredibly talented animal artist, stepped up to the mark.  Endlessly patient with requests for longer ears, bigger eyes and a unique hand designed font.

Thank you Bex for this outstanding logo. Below is a link to her website if you want to see just how skilled she is!

Will Screening at International Film Festival Free Boo the Bear?

As organisation kick-offs go, I'm not sure Verify Humanity could have asked for a better one! Lawless Lands has been chosen to be screened at the International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF) 2020.

We are insanely excited, somewhat humbled and ever so slightly hopeful for Boo the Bear and his friends who are still waiting to be rescued.

Feel free to have a look at Lawless Land's trailer on the IVFF website.

Free Boo The Bear - Sign His Petition

llegal Back Room Bear.jpg
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