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Volunteer Manager

What is the Job?

  • Verify Humanity relies on the kindness of volunteers to help rescue and improve the lives of animals.

  • We are looking for a Volunteer Manager to help us expand our small passionate team into a more influential player on the animal advocacy stage.

What Will The Job Involve?

  • As a Volunteer Manager you will be responsible for recruiting, interviewing and managing our growing number of volunteers.

  • To ensure a happy and smooth running team, you would need to help resolve any volunteer related problems.

  • This also gives the exciting possibility for developing and running a volunteer training programme in the future.

Who Should Apply?

  • You do not necessarily need previous knowledge or experience as a Volunteer Manager but you would need strong administrative and organisational skills and an enthusiasm to learn.

  • You would need to be a people person.  This would include being a good communicator, able to listen and perceptive to the needs of others.  

  • A firm understanding of Verify Humanity's goals, values and branding would be essential to maintain consistent training.

  • This is an online position so you would need a computer and good internet connection.

To Apply

  • Please send a CV and cover letter to our email address explaining how your skills, experience and/or enthusiasm would suit this role.

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