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Compassionate Solutions to Wildlife Issues Exist

Help us enhance conservation and  protect individual animals.  

Image by Sebastian Seck

Compassionate Conservation


An approach to wildlife conservation guided by four compassionate principles:
1. Do no harm  2. Individuals matter  3. Intrinsically value all wildlife  4. Peaceful coexistence.

How we help

Thanks to support from fellow animal-lovers, we improve wildlife conservation techniques by promoting compassionate solutions and preventing negative ones. We value all species equally and are firmly anti-culling. Verify Humanity’s global projects are protecting individual animals, regardless of whether they are threatened or not, and helping to bring about a world where we value all animals equally. 

How you can help

Whether it’s volunteering your time, signing petitions, being a voice for animals on government consultations, sharing our message, partaking in our research or helping animals yourself - like planting more flowers for the bees, there are lots of ways you can help wildlife.


Our Projects

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Free Boo the Bear


Human-Animal Conflict

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Egg Sex-Tech



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