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About Verify Humanity

Verify Humanity helps animals by raising public awareness about the challenges they face and empowering people to make a difference through action and compassionate choices. We never close the door to any issue of animal suffering, and we aren't afraid to tackle complex issues such as wildlife farming. 

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Born from one woman's compassion for animals, Verify Humanity was established in 2020 in response to the founder's encounter with the illegal wildlife trade. While working as a conservation photographer and writer, Kate Fox was unable to turn a blind eye to the suffering of 13 bears being farmed for bile in Vietnam. 

Kate conducted an uncover investigation to collect evidence, relentlessly campaigned, and took part in a dangerous rescue mission. Today, her organisation continues to work towards the release of the remaining 10 bears, and has now expanded its campaigns to help other exploited animals.

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Our Mission & Values

Verify Humanity is a unique animal advocacy organisation in that we are dedicated to ending the exploitation of all animals - wild, farmed, or both. We aren't a traditional animal advocacy organisation - while we understand the benefit of putting an organisations power towards helping a specific animal, or subset, we try to support all animals in need through our projects and core values. In contrast to our unique positioning, we believe the key to creating real change is uniting everyone who cares about animals - be they vegans, conservationists, activists or just animal lovers - under common goals, because when we stand together our message is louder. Common goals such as promoting compassionate conversation, influencing new laws to protect animals, and creating harmony between humans and animals.


How We Help

We believe the foundation to impacting meaningful change is through education. When we know more, we can make better choices. That's why Verify Humanity primarily seeks to raise public consciousness about issues animals are facing, and empower people to take compassionate action. The information we discuss online is always factual and backed by research. Verify Humanity also conducts research to unearth hidden issues. 

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Are you interested in volunteering with us?

Any help is welcome and important. In return you'll learn new skills, gain valuable experience and meet likeminded people.

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