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Consultations - Have Your Say!

Find the latest Government Consultations below.

For those who want to be more politically proactive and influence government policy, this may be of interest.  Consultations are a new government tool that allow you to provide input before important decisions are made on subjects that matter to you.


Improve Animal Welfare Labelling

Could this finally be our opportunity to prevent hidden animal cruelty to animals?  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or simply looking for animal friendly alternatives, then labelling is pivotal. 

The government wants to reward farmers for stronger environmental and animal welfare standards but unless the consumer knows to buy, or not to buy something, it is a waste of time. 


So how to connect producer and consumer?  A stronger labelling system.  Please play your part in this incredibly important consultation


Protect Beavers from Future Conflict

We fully support beaver reintroductions but what happens when they damage farmers' crops or fell one too many trees and their popularity wanes?  Will culling licenses be granted?  Protect beavers from future cruelty and insist the UK Government commits to Compassionate Conservation solutions.  Perhaps beaver relocation and/or chemical castration solutions?  Have your say

Fantastic News about unlawful beaver culling licences by NatureScot


Have your Say on New Pet Travel Restrictions

New laws governing movement of pets into the UK aims to prevent puppy smuggling but will there be any unintended consequences?  What about rescue animals from the countries where cats and dogs are exploited for the meat trade?  Would preventing the travel of pregnant or younger pets put these high risk pets at greater risk?

And what about preventing dogs with cropped ears and docked tails entering the UK?

Go HERE to give the government feedback before 16th October 2021.


Extend the Ivory Act

Have your say here on extending the Ivory Act.
As legislation tightens, elephant poachers look for easier targets.  Include the Warthog in your consultation feedback and create future legislation that protects them from loopholes that will be exploited.

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Closed 11th September 2021
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